BeiTe machinery always adhere to the "innovation as the driving force to the quality of loyalty" service concept, the industry continues to provide the process of development of the most advanced and intelligent control of professional equipment, and Beite people Thanksgiving customer knowledge, cooperation, Trust the enthusiasm and better serve the new and old customers, work together for a better future.
Pre-sale, sale, after-sales service commitment

To provide you with detailed "equipment proposal": including: A. Equipment samples; B. Domestic and foreign related equipment, the latest technology, related peer manufacturers advantages and disadvantages comparison; C. mechanical equipment design; D related product configuration, accessories, packaging and After-sales service; E. to determine the equipment and sub-quotes.

Sold in
☆ always keep in touch with you, invites customers to visit the company to guide the production and management.

☆ with detailed equipment description, file card and tracking card and other related software, at any time to accept your acceptance.

☆ regularly report to the customer equipment production situation.
After sale
☆ warranty for one year, 24 hours of intimate service, to accept your attitude to the service, skills and other evaluation, so you really feel the bite to you for God.
☆ 24 hours for you to open after-sales service website, telephone and fax, South China customers to ensure that the basic arrival within 24 hours, other areas within 48 hours to reach the basic (domestic).
☆ perfect backup material management, to ensure that the first time to meet customer needs.
☆ regular visits to each customer, once or twice a year, and record the equipment factory file records.

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