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Talent Strategy
◆ Talent refers to a higher position in the future, or a wider range of duties. They must be: have good performance in the current position, and can show strong leadership, excellent foresight and strategic leadership; show strong learning ability, accept and digest new ideas ; Can be a good understanding and implementation of the company's culture and values; and future high-level positions competency requirements in line.
◆ talent management vision and mission: short-term behavior - to complete the business objectives, to win profits for the enterprise; long-term behavior - to establish a forward-looking, can lead the enterprise to the future high-quality leadership team.
◆ the formation of the enterprise's forest: the staff is the group - a tree composed of trees, that is, business; corporate customers - is the staff; core competence - human capital.
◆ enterprises and employees must establish a close, long-term, strong and effective "value link" to the staff left a long-lasting, consistent, life-style brand image, the value of the concept of identity, vision-driven leadership.
◆ enterprise work processes: the humanization of the work process, standardization, specialization, professionalism.
◆ employees think that the most happy working environment: the Secretary for their duties, the gentleman of the light of water; hope leadership wise, able to listen and guide themselves; colleagues harmonious, like a friend; care about the company's internal channels of communication between departments Working together.
◆ the position of the talent in the organization: the commitment of the organization to the talent, the degree to which the talent is invited to participate in the work in the day-to-day work, the scope, the content, the complexity of the talent duty, whether the talent is respected in the organization, whether Get the proper recognition.
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